Do more rats live in urban areas, or wild areas?

In nearly every environment on earth you will be able to find rats. These are very adaptable creatures that are also quite resilient. They know how to adapt and because of this they have blossomed in almost any climate, no matter how hot or cold it may be.

While rats are found in the wild, like parks, forests and swampy areas, the truth is that they are found much more often in urban areas, or at the very least where people are in close proximity. It has nearly reached a point where these animals have developed a symbiotic relationship with human beings which causes them to migrate where people are.

Rats will hunt for food at times, eating small insects and other small little critters, but they most often feed off of the leftovers of people that are around them. They dig in the garbage of people, eat crumbs, and dig through people’s food stuffs in their pantries or on their counters. This has been the way that they have feasted for thousands of years, however, the tendency to feast off of what people provides has greatly increased as modernization has occurred. As people have been able to store more food and produce it in higher volumes, this has only made the relationship enhanced.

Rats are most abundant in large cities where they not only easily find food, but also found readily available shelter that offers them a great source or protection. The most common areas for rats to live are in sewers, because they are so rarely bothered by other animals in these locations. They also enjoy an area that provides them instant travel passages to other locations where they can find food. This is what makes them so ideal.

Of course sewers also provide water and insects and mice that they can feed on. This is such a perfect location for these rodents that it cannot be explained adequately. Rats will also be found in abundance in places like farms. The same benefits to the animals exists here as well, as there is not only a readily available food source in such things as grain, slop, and waste, but there are also many great places for a rat to live where it can have seclusion and shelter. Many rats love to live under the floor boards of barns because they are rarely disturbed, and they can feed off of the food of the animals that falls to the floor.

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