Do rats make good pets?

People love their pets. They are not only a source of enjoyment but, in many families, they are just as much a part of the family as a son or daughter. Cats, dogs and other pets becomes a very important member to the family because they bring so much joy. The dog is always happy to see people come home; the cat is dying to lay next to people while they watch television or sleep, and the bird has a great song for its owners each day. They are remarkable how they bring life to a household.

While cats, dogs and birds are very common animals for people to have as pets, there are others that are more non-traditional in nature that some families still love to have in their homes. Rats are a great example.

It is interesting that if most people found a rat in their home they would do all they could to get it out of the house if not kill it out right. Most find rats to be deplorable, hideous animals that do not belong in their home, and there are good reasons to feel this way. Rats are a destructive animal that carry a lot of parasites and disease that are dangerous to you and your family.

This is true of wild rats, but not all of these animals fall into this class. There are domesticated forms of these creatures that many people have in their homes and they are perfectly safe. The domesticated version is quite safe and free from disease, so there is nothing to worry about here.

What this tells you is that it is perfectly safe to have some rats as pets, and they can be a lot of fun. They can lay on your bed, and scurry around your floor as you play with them. Many have running wheels that the rats can enjoy while they scurry around the home. This can be a lot of fun for the whole family to watch. The answer is that yes they do make good pets, but let’s give a warning about this. You should only keep a domesticated rat as a pet. The kind that you would find at a department store or pet shop. If you catch a rat in your home you should not try to cage and keep this rat. It can not only be dangerous should it bite you, but even its waste to touch or breathe near it can be dangerous. Do not domesticate a wild rat.

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