What is a rat’s natural diet?

Rats are one of the most abundant animals that can be found on earth. They are very commonly found in nearly every habitat on earth, and that should not be a surprise to anyone. These animals will eat just about anything and can find a home in some of the most unusual places one would find.

The two most common kinds of rats are the Black and Brown (or Norway rat). These two are found in large quantities for many reasons, but the most common of these is that their diets are such that they can eat just about anything to be able to survive.

The brown rat is the most common rat found on the planet. This rat, also known as the sewer, wharf, or street rat, is a true omnivore. It literally will consume anything, even things that would make most other animals ill just to look at. Because of their foraging behavior they will seek out food in a variety of areas to feed. They are often found along the shores of rivers or streams where they eat fish and shelled animals that have come near or onto the shore. Even fish that have been dead and are decaying are fair game for these animals. It is almost like they have an iron stomach.

They will frequently forage near dumpsters or trash cans where they can feed off of the waste of people. The interesting thing about these rats is that they are most often found in areas where humans are known to heavily populate the area. This is because they are like a parasite, feeding off of the things that human beings leave or throw away.

If given a choice, rats most like to eat cereals. This is the most commonly eaten things that attract them in people’s homes. The Black rat, also called the Old English rat, roof rat, house rat or ship rat, are also true omnivores. They, too, will eat anything as well, but most often like to feed off of such things as seeds, stems, leaves, fruits, fungi and small animals, both vertebrates and invertebrates. These animals will frequently be found lurking around the areas where other animals are fed. It is not surprising to see Black rats round chicken coups, horse and cow pens, and pig sties. They find the food that is given to these animals to be the perfect supplement to their own diet, and they will take full advantage of this opportunity.

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